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Credit Life & Disability (CI)

Protect your customers credit obligation along with your financial institution. Highest benefits and greatest returns. For consumer and small commercial loans.
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Insured Extended Service Contract (VSC)

New regulations that allows financial institution to provide a "Bumper to Bumper" mechanical breakdown protection on their loan/savings and deposit customers. Protects against the high cost of vehicle repairs & those unexpected "bumps" in the road. Saves your customers up to 60%! Plus, great benefits for your financial institution. Worry-free driving for new or used vehicles. (More Information...Click Here)

Mortgage Life Plans (High Limits)

In excess of credit life dollar/term limits. Mortgage/home equity/remodeling loans for terms in excess of ten years. (More Information...Click Here)

Involuntary Unemployment Insurance (IUI)

In times of economic uncertainty, more & more people face the risk of being laid off. Protect your customers financial status in the event of involuntary unemployment.
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Collateral Protection Insurance (VSI)

Protects insured lender against physical damage and other losses when a borrower fails to provide physical coverage showing lender as loss payee. (More Information...Click Here) (More Information...Click Here)

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Protection that pays the difference between borrower's physical damage settlement and net payoff of covered collateral in the event of total loss or theft. Subject to any exclusions or limitations of the GAP Program. See your certificate/waiver for specific details.
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