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Involuntary Unemployment Insurance - pays borrower's loan if they can't. Designed to protect their financial status in the event your borrower becomes involuntarily unemployed, due to layoff, termination by employer, general strike, unionized labor dispute or lockout. In times of economic uncertainty, more and more people face the risk of being laid off. IUI means peace of mind because your borrower's loan payment up to $750.00 per month is taken care of.
Benefits depend on the term of coverage as follows:
Term Maximum Benefit
12-15 12 Months
16-21 13 Months
22-27 14 Months
28-33 15 Months
34-39 16 Months
40-45 17 Months
46-60 18 Months
Protect your borrower's savings and credit standing. To be eligible, insured borrower must be involuntarily unemployed for at least 30 (thirty) consecutive days and qualify for unemployment benefits under your state's current laws. Borrower must remain registered for the duration of the claim period. When they return to work, IUI stops paying benefits. However, they will still have their unused monthly benefits to fall back on in the event they become involuntarily unemployed again before the loan is paid off. The borrower pays the IUI premium as part of their monthly loan payment, so its easy and convenient.

**Please contact us for current state rates.